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The teeth on the FURminator vary depending on the fur length

What Size FURminator Do I Need?

The first step to properly grooming your pet is to have the right accessories. When shopping for a FURminator it is important to get the correct size for your pet. FURminator comes in a variety of widths and sizes.

There are several sizes of FURminator to choose from according to the size of your dog or cat, and the length of their fur.  All models have a laser-cut steel blade, but the blade width varies depending on the size of your pet.  For our purposes, we need to consider the size of your pet. For dogs there are 5 different blade widths: extra small (XS), small (S), medium (M), large (L) and extra large (XL). For cats there are two sizes: Small (S) and Large (L). When choosing the correct FURminator, in addition to blade width we also take into consideration hair length: short and long.

Each pet size and fur length requires a different FURminator. Using the chart below you will be able to find the right FURminator for your pet!

What Size FURminator Do I Need - Best Pet Brush
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  1. Paul
    Paul says:

    Good day Nancy,

    Thanks for bringing this “furminator” to my attention. Hair shedding is a problem for many pet owners.

    I have always used the old-fashioned “wig brush” but these are quite limited in their grooming capabilities.

    This “furminator” will be on my list, next time I make it to the pet shop.

    The fact that they are available for different hair lenghts, and different animal sizes, shows that the manufacturers have thought about how to improve this grooming product.

    Which breed of dog sheds the most and do long-haired dogs shed more than short-hairs?

    How does this apply to cats?


    • Nancy
      Nancy says:

      Hey Paul. Shedding really just depends on the breed. You would think that long haired dogs shed more than short haired dogs, but I have a lab and they shed more than you would think was possible. Sometimes I wonder why he isn’t bald! If you’re planning on getting a FURminator, check out Amazon, they have the best price I have found anywhere.

  2. Matt's Mom
    Matt's Mom says:

    I love the furminator! I have two long haired dogs, and they don’t shed but they have to constantly be brushed so they don’t get tangles. Will this work for that, or is this more specifically for dogs that shed? I have kind of waited too long to cut my Shi Tzu’s hair and now he has a lot of knots on his belly. So I was looking for a good brush 🙂


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