FURminator Short Hair Deshedding Tool Extra Small Dogs - Best Pet Brush

FURminator Short Hair deShedding Tool – Dogs (Extra Small)

You’ve decided you want to buy a FURminator for your dog, but he’s a pretty small pup – what size FURminator do you need? With the FURminator line of pet brushes there are many options to choose from so you are sure to get the correct size.

FURminator Dogs Long Hair - Best Pet Brush

Furminator Dogs – Long Hair

Long haired dogs require more attention to their fur since they tend to get tangles, accumulate dirt quicker, and tend to shed more than their short haired cousins. You can help your dog by maintaining his coat health with frequent brushings.

Dog Brushes for Labs - Best Pet Brush

Dog Brushes for Labs

Dog Brushes for Labs If you found your way here, you have a lab… one that is shedding all over your house! I used to have what I call “fur tumbleweeds” everywhere in my house until I found the FURminator. This thing is genius! It works so well, I even have one for my cats.